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about us - Salem Area Childcare Daycare PreschoolWithout doubt a school with a true heart and soul. That is to say our programs incorporate dynamic classroom instruction. We provide caring, qualified teachers and enriching indoor and outdoor play experiences. So, we know these first experiences within a school setting will have a long lasting impact on a child’s future learning.

In addition to academics – social and emotional well-being plays a significant role in a child’s development. Our curriculum, various activities, and daily experiences provide children with opportunities for a fun, enriching and exciting time. All the while making long lasting relationships.

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For that reason From Cradle to Crayons Preschool Center creates a positive environment and encourages children to explore their surroundings from day to day. So when your child completes the center’s program, your child’s well-rounded experiences will give them the essential strengths for academic, social, gross/fine motor, emotional, and cognitive excellence.

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What Makes Your Childcare Center Different?

Imagine an alternative to traditional infant, preschool daycare and before and after school care that not only met your child care and preschool needs, but also provide an activity based learning environment.

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We teach modern technologies to the children as well. Hands on computer programming is just another subject included with our preschool program!

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Of course From Cradle to Crayons Preschool/Child Care Center embraces an education program which combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment. In addition, As your child progresses the academic program increases gradually which addresses the developmental needs of your child.

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From Cradle to Crayons is a comprehensive preschool center exclusively for kids’ ages 6 weeks to 5 years and 1st through 5th grades. Consequently, the center dedicates its efforts and resources toward ensuring top-rated care giving services coupled with a high-quality activity based preschool learning environment tailored for children in these age groups. Therefore, the Center will respond to the needs of its parents and students with excellent care-giving and instruction, an advanced curriculum, flexible programs, local community involvement and business partnerships.

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